Modern Slavery Statement

Fraxeum Limited (UK Registered)
Company Number: 13282342
Contact: [email protected]

At Fraxeum, we have taken measures to ensure that Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking does not form part of any of our businesses or our business dealings.

Modern Slavery is an international crime that affects people around the world. Vulnerable people from abroad, as well as in South Africa, are forced to work illegally against their will within many different business sectors.

Employment policies that protect our people from unfair treatment and promote a fair and inclusive workplace;

  • A vigorous recruitment processes in line with relevant employment laws;
  • Market-related pay and rewards that are reviewed annually;
  • A wellbeing strategy and initiatives to support our people’s physical and mental wellbeing;
  • A Supplier Management Policy on how to deal with third party suppliers and ensuring they meet the standards we expect;
  • A process for handling complaints raised by people outside of the company;
  • Employment Equity Policies, Anti-Discrimination Policies and Code of Ethics Policies; and
  • A Whistleblowing Policy, together with our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy which allow our people to report any breaches.

As Fraxeum provides services globally, we ensure that we take into consideration the prevention of Modern Slavery in all countries that we service, and therefore consider all relevant legislation applicable to Modern Slavery, including:

  • Modern Slavery Act of 2015 (UK)
  • Modern Slavery Act of 2018 (AUS)
  • The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (USA)
  • The Prevent and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act of 2013 (SA)
  • United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress & Punish Trafficking in Persons (UN)
  • United Nations Convention against Transnational Organised Crime (UN)

Fraxeum will continuously strive to ensure that our people, passion and processes are in line with global Anti-Slavery practices in order to prevent Modern Slavery throughout all our business environments.

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