Fraxeum offers a range of solutions allowing for customised or white label Fintech solutions

Fraxeum provides a wide selection of ready-made modules, APIs, software plugins and solutions for any size business. Our solutions range from our core API, which will fast-track any Fintech development, to complete business-in-a-box offerings in four key sectors.

A Single Vision For
Multiple Applications

Fraxeum Core provides Fintech developers across multiple sectors with the tools to quickly, simply and affordably develop and deploy bespoke solutions, while our business-in-a-box offerings offer plug-and-play solutions to various Fintech segments.

Fraxeum Core Features

The Fraxeum API takes care of everything from user registration and two-factor authentication (2FA) to distributing dividends and administering withdrawals.

Compliance First

The Fraxeum API guides you in launching your project legally in any active jurisdiction. Once jurisdiction has been defined, the system enforces Company, Legal Structure and Investor compliance.

Tokenised Share Structure

Each Fraxeum token is associated with a share class as defined by a legal entity, like a company or investment vehicle. The total supply of the token represents the number of authorised shares in that share class. For example, if a company authorised 1,000,000 Class B shares and issued only 50%, then a new token is created with 1,000,000 supply of which 500,000 are distributed to the shareholder wallets.

Multi Fiat Currency Support

Fraxeum operates in local currency in every country where it has been deployed. Upon roll out, the system issues one CashCoin (an internal token similar to a stable coin) for each country. The system ensures that the total token supply of each CashCoin circulation matches the total local fiat bank balance(s) at all times.

Accept Deposits

Fraxeum allows you to accept fiat (via EFT or Card) as well as Crypto deposits. Deposit taking is a banking function that requires regulatory licenses in most countries. Fraxeum partners with licensed financial institutions (like banks, broker-dealers and fund managers) to manage the deposit-taking function.

Built In Marketing Page

The system defines a super flexible protocol that allows the creative team to create beautiful HTML sales landing pages with tags to represent content like gauges, graphs, video, text and images. Development team members use the Fraxeum marketing page manager to map the tags to data elements.

Separation of Duties

Each project can implement their own user roles and responsibilities letting the administrator define more than one role to complete a task as an internal control to prevent fraud and error. For example, a financial admin role can load dividend payouts, but a financial director role needs to approve before dividends are disbursed to investors.