Fraxeum Community members earn Fraxeum Coin by contributing to the Fraxeum ecosystem.

Fraxeum is the platform’s native coin used to pay community members for work they do.

Get started by downloading and installing the Fraxeum App (coming soon to the Google Play store and iOS app store!). Your private Fraxeum wallet is automatically created at registration. Next, you need to promote your services to the community. For instance, if you would like to offer API developer support, entrepreneurs would be able to hire you and you get paid in Fraxeum.

Got Questions?

Who can join the Fraxeum community?

Absolutely anyone that shares our vision of using technology to create a better future for all.

How do I become a member?

Download the Fraxeum app and register. Then go to the Fraxeum community website and start connecting with other people.

How can I earn money?

You earn Fraxeum when you do stuff for the community. Here are a few examples of things you can do:

Blockchain mining
Blockchain admin
User support
Developer support
Client support
Platform testing
Platform security
Platform development

How much do I get paid?

Payment and rates are negotiated and agreed between you and the client. When you do things for the Fraxeum platform, the Fraxeum platform becomes the client. We will engage with developers on a one to one basis to agree scope of work, deliverables and rewards.

Where can I trade Fraxeum?

You can trade the Fraxeum you’ve earned for Fiat or Crypto on the Fraxeum wallet internal marketplace. Clients and investors using the platform create demand for Fraxeum with each transaction performed. A small share of a transaction is converted to Fraxeum to cover fees. Other payments such as client licenses, community support fees etc are also settled in Fraxeum.

Can I withdraw to Bitcoin?

You will be able to withdraw Fraxeum to either Fiat or Bitcoin and a range of other Cryptocurrencies in the near future at a cost of around 0.5% (partner platform charge).

When will the community launch?

The Fraxeum community site will launch in July 2020.

So, I am interested. What now?

Start by joining the Fraxeum Telegram group to receive all the latest news and updates.
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