Azuza allows ordinary people to invest in extraordinary projects. With Azuza you can own a fraction of an AirBnB apartment in Venice, a tiny stake in a fleet of Uber vehicles in Cape Town or become a micro fractional shareholder in a licensed hydroponic medical canabis farm in South Africa.

Azuza makes impact investing fun and safe. The business is operated by an licensed financial services company and each project adheres to strict governance policies, including 100% financial transparency.

Highlighted Fraxeum features:

  • Fractional Ownership: Each investor receives digital share certificates in the form of asset tokens.
  • Transparency: Every cent spent and earned by Azuza client's projects are recorded and can be tracked in near real time on the Fraxeum blockchain.
  • Multicurrency Support: Wherever you invest, you see your returns in that country's local currency.