• Introducing Fraxeum

    Fraxeum is an environmentally friendly, zero gas-fee, open-source blockchain ideal for Fintech, IoT, AI and Web3 products and applications.
  • No Gas Fees

    Gas fees hinder mass adoption. Our highly staked nodes mine blocks free of charge allowing your users the freedom to transact without the need to first top up on crypto.
  • Eco-Friendly Blockchain

    Fraxeum's Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism uses a fraction of the energy and server resources to mine blocks compared to purely public blockchains.
  • Interact With Ethereum Contracts

    Fraxeum's wrapped token technology lets you send and receive any Ethereum ERC-specification tokens to and from the Fraxeum blockchain. 

About Fraxeum

Fraxeum was built for financial institutions, Web3 applications, and IoT systems that need a fast, transaction fee free blockchain.
Open Source (GPL 3.0 License) Lets You Own And Control Your Platform
Built on Bitcoin Core and Multichain® Technology For Ultimate Security
Permissioned Blockchain With Highly Staked Admin Nodes

How It Works

The Fraxeum Core is a layer of software that connects your project to the Fraxeum blockchain using an HTTP REST API. You can run any number of instances of the Fraxeum Core for you own projects, with full executive control and ownership over the source code. It also affords the partner the ability to white label the software for their clients.

Core Software Modules

To help you save on development costs and time, the Fraxeum community have built a range of modules that developers can use in their projects. All of these modules are included in the Fraxeum Core source code distribution and can be edited and changed to suit your needs. These include:
Digital Asset Wallet
Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading
 Blockchain Based Voting System
User Onboarding & Management
Fiat and Crypto Payment Systems
Token & Payment Distribution
Reward & Referral System
Various 3rd Party Product Integations
All modules are accessible via the Fraxeum API, documented and testable via Swagger.
Fraxeum API


With zero gas fees and a near zero environmental impact, as well as a host of ready-made modules, the Fraxeum blockchain lends itself to a wide range of applications in IoT, Fintech, Medicine, AI, Web3 a variety of fast evolving industries.
Fiat On & Off Ramps

Case Study: Micro-Investment

Having the ability to create your own wealth is a key driver in financial inclusion. The vast majority of people want to grow their wealth but few have the financial means to take part in exclusive, high end investment opportunities.

Banks and other financial services providers are working to solve this problem but the administrative overhead involved in managing millions of micro investment accounts is simply too expensive.
The Fraxeum blockchain was specifically developed to remove the administrative overhead by tokenising  equity in any natural world or digital assets, enabling affordable, broad-based micro-investment at manageable costs.

Fraxeum has been used to develop micro-investment platforms by two major banks, a multinational investment firm, and several dynamic start-ups.
Asset classes that have been tokenised include:
  • Listed shares
  • Rare Collectibles (NFT)
  • Real Estate
  • Royalties Management
  • Whiskey Barrels
  • Cannabis Farm Yields
  • Impact Investment

Xeum - Fraxeum's All Access Token

Xeum ("Zee-um") is Fraxeum’s native token used for all payments inside the platform and to abstract international currencies. Think of Xeum as the tokens you'd buy at a funfare. Just like each ride at the fare requires a number of tokens, Fraxeum's services require Xeum. 

Prices for services like corporate licensing, maintenance and support, and module development etc. are set in Xeum but converted and displayed to each client in their local currency. 

Getting Started

Below are links to all the tools, modules and components you need to start building on the Fraxeum blockchain. Join the Fraxeum Community to find ways to earn Xeum. Hold and Stake Xeum in an Admin Node or trade your Xeum for other cryptocurrencies. 

Contact Fraxeum

To learn more about Fraxeum, contact the Fraxeum Foundation using the contact form or the details below.
Fraxeum Foundation
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • United Arab Emirates
Email: [email protected]

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